VDL2 Playback in Sibelius? HELP!

Im operating VDL2 in Sibelius and getting the same problem. After about an hour of configuring, I got VDL2 sounds to play through Sibelius. Unfortunately, for every note I had in Sibelius, VDL2 would put two notes. My jams were not exploding off the page like they normally do. How can I fix this? I'm not particularly versed in midi and music software. I just like to rock. I'm using Sibelius 4, and running Windows XP.  Any help would be appreciated.

Befuddled in Blacksburg
Help me Jim Casella. You're my only hope.
Just to help out Jim a little (the whole end of the corps season thing probably has him pretty busy)...I just did a quick search using the search box above and by entering in ";double note playback";, I found this:


I wonder if this might help you some.  If it doesn't, there are a few more listing under the post above.

Hope this helps...
nice Star Wars quote by the way...
Dear Befuddled - rocking is most likely just a few mouse clicks away. However, I'm not sure what to suggest without some more information about how you've configured things. Let us know if the post Dave referred you to was helpful. If not, please list all your MIDI in/out settings for VDL as well as Sibelius.
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