vdl 2.5, Sib 5 and new MacBook Pro problems

I just bought a new MacBook Pro 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM.
Just upgraded to Sib 5 (sib 3 not on this computer) and vdl 2.5 (again, not on this computer).
I am also using an M-Ausio O2 midi controller.

I'm fairly new to this stuff, I ";just made it work"; on my last computer.  I am having the hardest time getting this all set up.

1st) I want to make my own battery template and full percussion template also, I figure best to open up a new ";Drum Corps, Battery"; template.  Here's what i can and can't do:
    A) I can get the VDL 2.5 to show in Knotakt Player 2 screen (and can hear them and play them on the little keyboard option in the kontakt 2 interface).
    B) I can also get the drop down's in the Mixer window to show the vdl 2.5 items. 
    C) I can't get vdl 2.5 sounds to show in the Instruments Window.

2nd) I think there was a template coming in a prior post by Jim.  Doing a Sib 4 for 2.5 first, then onto sib 5.

3rd) I know this stuff is new, and maybe I'm too eager, but I just wanna write more stuff!  Band Camp is coming up!

Any advise to get this simply working would be great.  Am I missing someting?  Also I've been trying to read the forums to catch up as I'm only using such a small % of these programs. 

Shawny Shawn
Shawny - If you're using the VDL 2.5 sound set, it's the key to accessing the various sounds within VDL. This is what we're working on with the VDL/Sibelius 5 template that's still in the works. If you want to attempt working on your own mappings, keep in mind it may be a bit of a cumbersome process. It'll be best to open the VDL 2.5 sound set file (it's an XML file within your Sibelius ";sounds"; folder), and you'll see the various Sound IDs that are allocated to each individual sound within VDL (yes...it's a lot of stuff!). Armed with those definitions you'll be able to assign sound ID's to certain noteheads within the staff type designer for the particular instrument you're editing.

With a time crunch, you may find it helpful to stick to using the VDL sounds contained in Sibelius Essentials. They've been mapped to their staff types, though obviously aren't nearly as extensive as what you'll find in the full version of VDL. The good thing though, is that if you can get some work done with those, they'll be forward compatible with the full VDL when we have more staff types working properly.

Check in with the ";chat page"; on the Sibelius site as well if you find yourself stuck in certain areas of functionality.

Yea, i'm gonna take a step back.  thanks for the quick response.  Any timeframe on the template for sib 5 and vdl 2.5?  I know you're on tour so it might be a while.  If you remember, tell Drew Ramey (end tenor) and Andrew Dodens (bottom bass) Shawny Shawn says HI!  Enjoy the last week of the season!!!

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