Kontakt 2 - do I still need this thing?

So VDL2.5 seems to work flawlessly with finale 2008 and garageband as a plugin  on my mac now.  So I guess I really dont even need to keep Kontakt 2 anymore do I?

Is there a reason?

thanks for your input.
Outside of editing instruments manually and a few other fine-grained editing features there isn't much in Kontakt 2 that the Kontakt Player 2 can't do.

I've stopped using Kontakt 2 in my day-to-day workflow, but I imagine I'll still pull it out when I have a lot of time to be anal about recordings.
Right. If you're primary use for Kontakt 2 is that of a playback device, you may not have much use for it now. For those of us who still need to occasionally feed the inner geek, you may want to keep Kontakt around just in case.

Glad to hear you're finding good results with VDL 2.5!
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thanks a million

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