OT-Evans Hybrid Grey Heads

Has anyone here had any experience with these top heads?  I just put these on the drums the past few weeks and have blown 2 already.  My guys never break kevlar/fabric top heads.  I am wondering if this is a heat related issue with the dark heads...or a bad first batch that needs to have production issues ironed out.  Does anyone know of any issues the drum corps are having?
I've had mine on for about a week. I haven't really cranked them up extremely high yet. I plan on doing that tomorrow before practice. I'll let you know.
As I said, I have blown 2 just today.  The first one had been on the drum for about a month, and really hadn't been tensioned for a couple weeks.  The other had been on for about a week, and we had been trying to ease up the tension fairly slowly.  The heads did sound sweet though...

Anyone else dealing with this...?
Just got indirect word from Evans.  That the grey heads are being recalled.  It seems there is a problem with exposure to UV light...NOT heat.  I was told that any grey heads will be exchanged for whites (which are not experiencing any such problems) via your retailer.  I know we live in a Black/White Max world, but I just wanted to share this.

That really stinks.  I have been waiting for about 2 weeks to get these heads in, and now a recall, DANG!

Word from Evans is that the problem is with the dye that's causing this breakdown. I'm guessing the sunlight/UV issue and the dye are the combined problem.
From what I hear, the problem is being addressed and the hope is that the grey heads are back out soon (maybe even within the next month or so).  Anyone else hear this?
Yeah, the impression I got was they already were working on the fix and would have something soon.

In the meantime, my retailer replaced the Greys with Whites, and I don't want to change over again...

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