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Hello All,

I am writing you on my new Mac Pro Desktop.  My querry is about speakers that I have hooked up into the system.  I own Altec speakers that I had with my pc.  I am getting no sound from them.  Only playback I'm getting is through the tower itself.  How do I set up my system to have the speakers playback?  Are my speakers not compatible?  Once again, this Mac Pro is about 2 hours old to me, so I don't know my way around very well.  Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks so much. 
I think you need to pick the correct output from the ";Sound"; System Preference panel.
How are you connecting them?  S/PDIF?

Go to sound preferences, and make sure the output is set to ";Line Out"; rather than ";Internal Speakers";.
I have a direct connection into the Audio Line Out Port.

My sound preferences are Built-in Line Output on the Line Out.

My Audio Devices Set up is built in line output.

These speakers are pretty generic.  I don't know what you mean by ";S/PDIF";?  I just have a direct connection from the tower to the sub. 

Hope this is more helpful information.  Thanks
I'd try plugging headphones in that port, trying the headphone port on the front, or trying the speakers with something else. Seems like there's either a problem with that port or with your speakers.
the headphone output in the front worked.  I just got this today after having it customized.  Do I need something specific to connect it to the back (audio line out) or do I need to get on the phone with Apple and express concern?
It sounds like something's wrong with the port.
Are the speakers powered on? Dumb question I know, but sometimes it's the simple things...
The speakers were on.  I can not think of any other reason why it wouldn't work in the port. 
It would really help if you could give us the model number of the monitors and what kind of cable you are using.
Are the speakers powered? Since it's a line out, it doesn't actually boost the signal for you. Unpowered speakers might be playing back really quiet.

Did you try plugging headphones or something else into the back, to double check?

A google search turns up problems that other people have had with the line out in Mac Pros... you could try some of those workarounds.
What is the model of speakers? �� Are they Self Powered - Analog? ��What kind of connection are you using from the Speakers to the Computer?�� This port will take Self-Powered Analog speakers or devices.

I am also seeing some others having a few issues with this as well.


Welcome to the world of Mac.  Once you get used to it in a few days, you wonder why you waited so long to switch!

It for some reasons was like the magical bullet.  I unplugged my Altec (generic $60) speakers from the tower, Shut Down my computer, waited, restarted, plugged in speakers to appropriate port, changed all the sound settings from line out, to internal, to line out, and now it works.  I don't know how it went down, but everything is fine now. 

Thanks for all the feedback. 
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