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Sorry for the off topic post, but it's been acknowledged that there's a wealth of knowledge here and a most appreciated lack of typical internet forum immaturity.  Feel free to delete if necessary.

This fall I will begin a position as adjunct faculty teaching private percussion and possibly percussion ensemble (if there are enough students interested) at a local university.  It's small music department, last year only having I think two percussion majors, and really only one that was serious.

What I'm looking for is suggestions on literature to get things rolling.  Or if nothing else, places to look and research for standard literature.  Method books, solo material, publishers, composers, anything I can use to get pointed in the right direction.  I know that seems broad, but I really am looking for anything.  Of course I've got some ideas and material, and much will depend on the individual students, but any information/encouragement anyone here has would be most appreciated!

Thanks in advance.
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Man I love this place.�� :)

Isn't that the truth!!!
Even though I contributed nothing to this topic but a joke (a lousy one...), I agree with Keith and Dave.  I haven't posted on ANY message board for years because of the atmosphere of most of them.  After lurking here for a year or two, I finally decided to post.  There is a great vibe here (gushing ends). 

Keith, I wish you the best with this gig, and the coming school year in general.  We will see you in a few weeks. 

Top 5 crucial texts, in order:

1.) New Breed - Gary Chester
2.) New Breed - Gary Chester
3.) New Breed - Gary Chester*
3.) New Breed - Gary Chester*
5.) New Breed - Gary Chester

*Two-way tie.
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