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I have a friend that is a composition major and he is able to do the key switches and mod wheel changes without any kind of program. He says he types a certain text above the part in the score and it changes it. How would I go about doing this? Also, if anyone could help me with my second problem that would be great. I am having a hard time getting a good map for VDL 2.5. I know Tapspace offers the map, but I usual write things with the band staves as well. Is there any way to make my own import the different maps into another score?
Hi and welcome! Are you using Sibelius or Finale and what version?
My bad, I can't believe I left out the most important part. I use Finale 2008.
I started to read up on mod wheel changes so I believe I have that down in Finale 08, but I still need help with key switches and my other questions about mapping. Also, how would I go about making a tap roll on the Timpani while still having the tap tied to the rest of the roll?
Wish I could help you out but Finale is beyond my circle of knowledge. I'm sure someone will be along soon though, that can help you out with specifics.
Entering keyswitches in Finale and Sibelius is the same in either program. Simply enter the keyswitch note as if you were entering any other note - usually as a grace note so it doesn't conflict with other music in the measure. Many people also choose to hide this note so it doesn't print in the score.
I would enter the Keyswitch note in Layer 4 and then you can then choose a Staff Style for that as ";Blank Notation Layer 4"; and this will hide the note so that you don't see it.  If you choose to have this Keyswitch note in another layer than is already de fined in the DEFINE STAFF STYLES area of the Staff Menu, you will have to create s Staff Style to do this.  You will then want to consult your Finale Help Menu on creating Staff Styles.
Also - for your Library question (about moving maps around to other documents).�� There are directions at the link below on how to save your Percussion Maps for use with other documents.

Keyswitches in the new templates are mapped but do not have note heads. As stated, place them in a layer other than layer 1 and then hide the notes. Mod wheel changes are best done, for me at least, by using the staff expression tool and going through the playback page to set the controller nnumbers and parameters.

Ted Boliske
Wow, thanks goes to everyone for helping me out. I think I'm completely understanding of these things now. Now I just need to apply them and try them out. Thanks again for everything.
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