Sibelius 4 and VDL

First of all i'm thrilled about the big 2.5 update, couldn't ask for anything better.  It rocks!  My question is this, when I'm playing a score in sib. 4 is there a way i can change to my VDL2.5 window without stopping playback.  This would be really helpful in order to tweak each instrument.  I looked around a little in the menus and couldn't find anything, and I did a search on the forum.  The answer may be incredibly obvious but I can't find it.

I'm using Sibelius 4 and VDL 2.5 

Yes there is! What you want to do is go to the menu select Play > Playbck and Input Devices > hit the Play In Background Background button > then select Always. This will allow you to switch between windows and Sibelius will continue playing. Have fun!
Wow can't believe I didn't check there.  Thanks a lot!

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