VDL2.5 resets volume

When I am using VDL2.5 with SIB4, I set all the volumes on the individual intruments in VDL2.5 to what i want them to be, then switch back to SIB4.  As soon as I click play, however, all the sounds reset to the default volume which i think is now 0.db.  (it was -6db but i changed it under the option menu in VDL2.5).  Does anybody know how to fix this problem?

This topic is already being discussed in the VDL:2 Technical Stuff forum.


It looks like if you click on the gears for each instrument and then click CONTROLLER, you can either uncheck ACCEPT STANDARD CONTROLLERS FOR VOLUME AND PAN and then the Volume Slider will not reset, or you can click on the dropdown where it says�� MIDI CONTROLLER #7 VOLUME RANGE ( in the same window) and set that to be 12DB and that makes it pretty much about the same as what the VDL 2.0 volumes are - at least when looking at an example with SNARELINE AUTRO R/L .�� I would probably just uncheck ACCEPT STANDARD CONTROLLERS FOR VOLUME AND PAN and let the Volume Slider handle it and keep the setting I want.

This will allow you to controll the overall volume with the Volume Sliders and will not reset them every time you begin Playback.
Sorry for not using the other thread, i wasn't quite sure how to search for the problem.  I'll give what you said a try, i'm sure i'll have some luck.

EDIT:well i tried it out and it seems to work fine, thanks for the help

Glad to hear that worked well for you.  Let me know if you need any further help with that.
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