VDL in Namie Amuro's "Funky Town"

J-pop queen Namie Amuro has a new album out titled ";Play"; which features Virtual Drumline on the track ";Funky Town."; VDL instruments used in the track are tenorline, bassline, cymbal line, abel triangle, vocals, agogo bells, cowbell, hand claps, and police whistle. Check out the video on YouTube at:


Special thanks to Jim Wunderlich for spotting this one and big congrats on your DCI win Jim!
Of course, in the world of Field and Indoor percussion VDL is already an industry standard.  The fact that the VDL sample library would be integrated into a mainstream production like this is a credit to the detailed professionalism of Jim and all that brought VDL to market.  As artists, producers and such look for ways to be both distinctive and diverse - I would be willing to bet we will be treated to more pubs that incorporate VDL.  I look forward to it!

David Vita
former 27th Lancer
Hey Jim, I was happy to send this out to you! It's great to hear sounds from our activity in well-produced pop music, and to hear your hard work...at work.

Namie is fairly outrageous, yes? ;-)
That is cool.  VDL goes international! :)
Japanese pop.

Some of it's pretty cool stuff, much better I would say than the pop music we put out here.  I was an assistant mix engineer and programmer for a few J-Pop albums when I was in school.
Very Cool. What's J-pop?
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