Looking for lessons in Los Angeles?

I’m sorry about posting off topic put I need some Finale and VD2 lessons.  I have been writing drumline music for 4 years and I finely decided to get a notation program.  I feel I would move a lot faster with some lessons under my belt.
Please contact me if you are interested.

I have:
G4 Mac
2 GB Ram
1.8 Ghz
Finale 07
midi key board

Email tgdrumr@cs.com

Thank you,

Hi Tye,

Thanks for posting, and I think you'll find the forums here an encouraging place of support. I'm not sure if you'll find someone available to provide you with Finale/VDL lessons or not, but this is definitely the best place to inquire. So hopefully you might get some bites on this.

If not, you are of course welcome to search through various areas of the forum, or post new questions of your own as they arise. Sounds like you are somewhat new to using notation software, so my best advice would be to take it slow and steady. You won't learn it all in a day. Finale has some good users forums as well that can help steer you to hints you weren't aware of.

Good luck!
I live in LA but I use Sibelius.  Since you're new to notation software I highly recommend it.  A lot of people (thousands) are very happy with the switch from Finale.  Sibelius also has a local user group where you can attend free lessons and demos.  Usually there's a high profile guest and lots of free stuff.  Sibelius is taught in most CA universities too. 

And of course, there are Virtual Drumline samples included with Sibelius 5. 

Two good friends of mine work for Finale and are on this forum.  I'm sure they love my Finale bashing.  My biggest problem with it is $100 per year upgrades and a clunky interface.  It gets the job done though. 

I should probably get a coupon for being a Sibelius fanboy.
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