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What type of accessory clamps do you guys (and gals!) use for Yamaha ";Tough-Terrain"; carts?  I have some that are only good for round bars and some Pearl clamps that are square but too big.  The Yamaha carts have rack bars that are rectangular.  Any advice?
I just use the Yamaha clamps...
I've personally never used the Yamaha model but if they are the same design as percoco or like a sturdy mallet frame style, just go to your local hardware store and look for for pipe hangers (for coper piping typically)  They are two halves held together with a bolt.  1"; ones work great for cymbal stands.  The look like an odd Y with a bolt in the lower section and wicked teeth at the top.  I'm looking for a picture on web pages now cause I know this is going to seem odd reading.  I'll post again if i find them.
They are Conduit Clamps.�� Usually 3/4";.


I have used these with a lot of success for the Percoco frames, however for the�� small round bars that are on the rack bar you may want to use:

Gibralter clamps - [url]http://www.music123.com/Gibraltar-SC-SUGC-2-Hole-Super-Universal-Grabber-Clamp-446195-i1139140.Music123[/url]

Pearl Clamps AX-20- [url]http://www.music123.com/Pearl-AX-20-Adapter-Clamp-448015-i1140390.Music123[/url]

We used the Pearl Clamps a lot fo MN Brass a few years back for the round bars.

I am not sure there are any Pearl or Yami clamps that are small enough for that bar.  You may want to try a pearl clamp that has a swivel like that Gibralter and see if you can rig it to work and if it will expand far enough.

This pictures shows a clamp on the frame at the bottom end of the Xylo.�� Now to just find out what model it is.

The Yamaha AC910 [url]http://www.samash.com/catalog/showitem.asp?ItemID=37096[/url]looks to be the model on the top end holding the Drum....
Nice job coach, I was looking all around homedepot.com and lowes.com and you found them on amazon.  Ha ha thanks though.
Home Depot should have them.�� That is where I always get them.�� I just bought a whole box I think.�� :)�� If you bring that picture or tell them Conduit Clamps, they should be able to show you were they are.  They work very well I think.
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