Amping the pit question

I'm a newbie at this....

Would I need powered speakers if using a Mackie VLZ 1402 mixer, or will that mixer drive passive speakers?  Also, what do most of you use and why? 

Thanks so much in advance fellas.  I want to do this right the first time!



Hello!  There are some threads that address amplification.
Here's one:  [url][/url]
You might try entering amplification and other related terms in the
search engine as well.  We just went through the process of
researching amplifying the front ensemble here at the University of
Alabama.  If I can be of any assistance, please e-mail me at:
[email][/email].  Also, I believe there'll
be a clinic at PASIC this November dedicated to amplification
of the front ensemble.  You might also check out Dynasty,
Yamaha, and McCormicks where they have ";packaged"; set-ups
for amplification.  Good luck! 

Take care!
The Jim Squared book ";up front"; has a very good section on this as well.
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