Question about VDL:2.5 template for Finale2006

After I downloaded the template and placed it into a folder, I tried to open the template.  Finale says that this file (VDL2.5 FullScore2006_0.9.9) is an invalid file type.  I noticed it does not have the .ftm suffix at the end.  I tryed changing the suffix to .ftm but it did nothing.  How do i go about getting this to work? Also I am not able to get Kontakt Player 2 to show up in my VST instruments.  And I have already placed the KontaktPlayer2.dll into the FinaleVST folder.
Did you unstuff the template file? It is downloaded as a zip file to compact size.

Ted Boliske
What is your Operating System - XP?  VISTA?  So - if you go to C:\Program Files\Finale 2006\Finale VST - you have copied the Kontakt Player2.dll file here?  Which version of the Kontakt player 2 is this?  You can try scrolling over it with your mouse and it should say a version.  As far as I know this should allow you to see ";Kontakt Player 2"; when you go to the MIDI MENU -->NATIVE INSTRUMENTS VST SETUP and then click on the dropdown for a channel range.
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