OT - Please Help Me Get to the 2007 DCA I&E Contest

I went to a local music store yesterday to see about renting a drum, so that I could prepare for this year's DCA solo contest. Since I didn't have the required $100, I had to ask my brother for the money. He loaned it to me today, and I went back down to rent the drum. As I was filling out the paperwork to rent it, the salesman kid said, ";Oh, by the way, we're gunna hafta run a credit check for this."; I stopped writing and analyzed his face, waiting for a smile and a ";Just kidding,"; but he was serious.

Needless to say, I stand a better chance of passing a bowling ball through a garden hose.

So, if there's anyone in the Seattle area who reads this and who could loan a drum to a guy for a week, I'll pay for it. Importantly, it needs to happen in the next day or so, because I wouldn't be being fair to myself if I showed up at a national solo contest without having touched a marching snare drum in many years. And I already tried the area high schools.

So please, Please, PLEASE, if anyone out there can help, contact me ASAP.

Thanks in advance,
Ryan Cox
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