Kontak2 and Giga?

Anyone import Giga samples into Kontak2?  I'm thinking about buying this[url]http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-CHRISTIAN-LANE-ULTIMATE-MARIMBA-VIBES-FOR-GIGA_W0QQitemZ230163460520QQihZ013QQcategoryZ41785QQcmdZViewItem[/url]  and thought it SHOULD import ok but I didnt have much luck importing my EMU/Akai samples.

(sorry about the huge linky. I think this is a killer price even for something older like this)

Any thoughts for me?


I use to use Gigastudio before going Mac.  Gigastudio wasn't available on Mac at the time.  I have the Christian Lane sounds and they are pretty sweet, in my opinion not as good as the VDL sounds.  The CL sounds require a lot more tweaking to achieve good sounding rolls/pedaling, etc.

Back to your question...I have imported to K2, it works but does require some editing on the Kontakt end to make it truly usable. 

I have those samples too and I really like them.  If I am writing for a marching percussion group I use VDL2, if I am writing for a concert percussion ensemble I use the Christian Lane sounds.  Kontakt 2 will load a giga file. 

The price in that auction is very good... almost [i]too[/i] good. 
I've been using the Christan and Lane samples for a while now as well. (I bought them when they were high dollar) It's actually a full sample of a Marimba One keyboard. I likewise use those for my concert percussion stuff. The orchestral library from them is very good as well. The Dave Samuels marimba and vibes isn't bad at all.

If I am correct those guys helped Jim get into this whole mess we call VDL. (check out the Thank you notes in the VDL manual) I remember buying the marching samples from those guys when I was running a PIII 450 laptop with Halion and Cubase.

THANK YOU JIM! You have made my life sooooooooooooooooooooo much easier.

If anyone is writing for full wind ensemble. . . I have always perfered the Dan Dean sample library. Each instrument�� sampled in every possible detail. You have to have a beast of a machine to make it all work in real time, but the end result is quite amazing. :)
ok cool, I just ordered it, even cheaper with the ";make offer"; feature!

I love having choices.�� I think the VDL 2 marimbas are great, but they sound like a band room ensemble.�� (cause they where probably recorded in a band room....)�� Perfect for pit stuff.

My old Dave Samuels marimba and vibes where the best EVER for studio work but I do now also have the Donnie Christensen collection which is amazing.

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