Sibelius 5 and VDL sound problems...

Hi everyone! Okay, so I'm REALLY new to all this sibelius and vdl stuff, and even this forum (this is my first post!). I've been messing around with sibelius for a little while, and i've run into a few problems. I just bought Sibelius 5, mainly because virtual drumline was included with it. so my first question would be, should i bother getting vdl 2.5? I like all the drum sounds that sibelius 5 comes with, and i don't think i need more than that, but i've been experiencing some issues with playback ";choppiness";, and i was wondering if this could be fixed by upgrading to 2.5. I tried to follow the quickstart guide that mentions things like Midi Yoke, but does that really apply with sibelius 5 and the included vdl?

A bigger problem at hand for me is the bass drum notation. I think the bass drum order is all messed up. For instance, for the 5 bass drums, if I place notes sequentially going up the staff, the playback plays bass 5, then bass 3, then bass 4, then bass 1, and finally bass 2. Is this supposed to happen? It's really quite annoying when the top note plays the 2nd bass, etc. I was wondering if this problem was attributed to ";templates";, even though i have no idea what a template is (it just sounded important). Do you have any advice on how i can edit the notes so that they play the correct drum?

Sorry if my questions sound amateurish; like i said, i'm new to all this stuff. Hopefully I can figure some of this stuff out by playing around with it a little more, but I'm doubtful of my abilities, so I'm hoping someone responds soon with solutions. Thanks for reading!

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So is there any way I can make the bass line notes as they should be without waiting for the template? Or is the template the only way?


Yes, you could. But...

There ended up being a total of 147 noteheads mapped in each of the BassLine Manual instruments. The real issue you would have in mapping the BassLines yourself is an incomplete sound set. A good portion of this whole project has been spent on getting the XML file up to snuff.

And this is not the biggest one, the Cymbal Line All instrument has 150 noteheads mapped. The Cricket instrument has only one. Can you imagine how long that one took? :)

If you can muster enough patience to wait just a few more days, you will soon be in VDL heaven! Some very cool turorials will also be available to help everyone get up to speed quickly.


Thanks for the responce, but I learned that the sibelius update fixed it!
so yeah
I'm now happy.
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