VDL Keymaps - UPDATED 5/9/2012

5/9/2012: support for VDL library version [b]2.5.5[/b].

[size=7pt]5/16/2011: New home is ready. Use link below.[/size]
[size=7pt]12/22/2010: These keymaps will be unavailable until their new home has been completed. Stay tuned.[/size]
[size=7pt]5/26/2010: These keymaps support VDL library version 2.5.2.[/size]

The download page:

    [b][size=13pt][url=https://www.thewritescore.com/free-download/vdl-keymaps/]VDL Keymaps[/url][/size][/b]

Now supports VDL library version [b]2.5.5[/b].
This continues to be a very useful tool! Thank you!

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