VDL Keymaps - UPDATED 5/9/2012

5/9/2012: support for VDL library version [b]2.5.5[/b].

[size=7pt]5/16/2011: New home is ready. Use link below.[/size]
[size=7pt]12/22/2010: These keymaps will be unavailable until their new home has been completed. Stay tuned.[/size]
[size=7pt]5/26/2010: These keymaps support VDL library version 2.5.2.[/size]

The download page:

    [b][size=13pt][url=https://www.thewritescore.com/free-download/vdl-keymaps/]VDL Keymaps[/url][/size][/b]

This is excellent. Thank you for sharing this!

Thierry Pilote
well done...this will be a valuable tool.  Thanks. :)
[quote author=chznvrt link=topic=1958.msg9810#msg9810 date=1188278478]
I finished the keymaps for 2.5. There are only a few that are new since 2, so the vast majority of them can be used for both versions

Thanks a ton Hugh!  I use the previous ones you had made all the time.  These are perfect!!!

Thanks again!
Sorry for not chiming in earlier. These are great Hugh! Very thorough and will surely be a great help for all VDL users, particularly those who use a 25-key input device like an Oxygen 8. Thanks very much for taking the time to do these, and sharing them with the community here!!

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Everyone is very welcome.

When I originally started to make these, I was just going to do the Battery maps. But as I got into it ... well, you can see what I ended up with.

I am glad I did too. They have been helping me greatly with my 'other' project.


And thank you, Jim

What is this mysterious ";other project"; you speak of?

Great job!  +100 Karma for you!
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Man, I am slow.�� Just ran into these as I just finished a show...�� This will come in big-time handy for all projects.�� Your Karma rises!

These are an absolute [i]must have[/i] while doing note input on music charts with VDL.  Hugh you did a great service for everyone.  Thanks!
For those of us who dont have a midi keyboard has anyone made a note head key map?
[quote]For those of us who dont have a midi keyboard has anyone made a note head key map?[/quote]

Just check out the ReadMe v1.0.5 all the noteheads and mappings are in there...

to help ya out, here is a link to the download page ---> https://www.tapspace.com/updates/index.html

Hope this is what you were going for.
[quote author=drummer4life225 link=topic=1958.msg12645#msg12645 date=1206921729]
For those of us who dont have a midi keyboard has anyone made a note head key map?

Understand that the note head key maps are only used with Sibelius. Finale does not require these for correct playback.

Ted Boliske
Good call ted, forgot to mention that little bit of info... oops ;-)
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