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Today, when trying to load a file into Finale, i got the error message stating ";library not registered";. When I installed VDL2.5, I made sure to register right away. Today when I looked in NI Service Center, it said that it was not yet activated, and that the serial number was already registered. So I looked in the forum and i found this post, with a reply from Coach maybe you can help me out here Coach...? Also when I tried to use the NI service center and looked under PRODUCT OVERVIEW-->PRODUCT DETAILS--> and clicked the + next to VDL2.5, I double checked to make sure the serial number I had entered was the one that TS sent me, and it was, but jsut to be sure i entered it again, and upon doing so, I witnessed my system-id change, now I am not a genius at this thing, but I don't think that should have happened. For the meantime I am going to reinstall VDL2 mainly since i am writing book and cadences still for our line, but i really would like to get this problem straightened out as soon as possible!

BTW I am running Vista 32-bit
Finale 2007
2 gig ram
Thanks for the reply... I have already sent NI an e-mail stating the nature of my problem and I am waiting on a reply from them... Thanks also for giving me the number! I looked all over their site for it, but was not able to find it anywhere.... I also took note of the fact, that anytime i re-renter my serial number into NI Service Center, it makes my System-ID change... it is a little weird lol... I will keep thigs updated on the progress of this!
Sorry to hear about this problem Justin. I'm not exactly sure why it would have changed your System ID, but it does sound strange. I think it would be best if you contacted Native Instruments support to let them know what happened. It seems there's been a couple other reports of similar things happening, and they should know about it. Their number is 323-467-2693, or you may fill out their online support form at:

If you would, please keep us posted here on the forum of how your progress goes as I'm sure it may help other users if they encounter similar problems.

Thanks Justin.
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