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I've recently purchased a really great Mac system, and I love it.  However I am stumped right now trying to get Audacity to work for me.  It was simple on my pc, press record on audacity then play in sibelius, and recording direct from the download.  My problem is having Audacity and the Kontakt 2 playback (with Sibelius) don't seem to be comunicating with each other.  To the best of my knowlegde I have the output/input setting correct.  I'm must not for sure if there is anything specific needed to be done to record properly.  I have checked this forum and the audacity help page.  I don't know if I need to download a plug in or not.  Someone please help.  If at all possible, give me a play by play of what needs to happen before recording should take place.  Thanks


Mac Pro, 4GB Ram, 250 & 500GB HD,
Audacity 1.2.6, Sibelius 4, VDL 2(1.5), Kontakt 2
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Are you using the most recent version of Audacity? As far as I knew, there was an option to record whatever came out of your speakers, I think it's called ";Record what I hear"; or something like that.
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Dude, I have downloaded two versions, 1.2.5 for Intel Mac, and 1.3.3 beta.�� I don't see a ";Record what I hear"; option or anything resembling that.�� The only thing that is on the Audacity web page that I'm unsure I haven't done is this:��

";Since most soundcards can mix the inputs back in to the outputs, the easiest way to test your microphone is to speak in to it while playing with your sound card mixer. The sound card mixer is a piece of software either provided by the sound card maker, or by the operating system you're using. The Windows mixer is pretty straight forward, though some soundcards bring their own along. The Mac's mixer is controlled via the Sound Control Panel, and the Linux users have a variety of mixer applications at their disposal. Just make sure they work before yelling at your screen that nothing works.";��

Unless I'm a completely ignorant (which I hope I'm only partly) that is in reference to sounds not being made with computer software, but through live instruments.�� I've set, and reset all my settings and still no communication.�� Maybe I'll figure it out soon.�� Thanks for the help though.

How are things going in the lone star state?�� I'm in my last semseter of classes and student teach in the fall.�� I'm pretty stoked, but it's crazy right now.�� Hope all is well Ralph.��

Wow, OT:  I just read my grammer in the original post, and I must say, ";me fail english, that's umpossible";.
I am not sure if I have ever seen this on the Macintosh versions of Audacity as it is listed as ";Hardware Play Through"; in the Audacity Preferences.�� I usually use WireTap Pro (if recording this way) as it is very straight forward and good quality.�� With just a click of the mouse you can choose to record the audio from your Macintosh, your Mic, or both and then save directly to an mp3 or wav.��

I tried some settings in the preferences of Audacity and then Finale (midi sounds).�� I set the OUTPUT in Finale Internal Speaker Playback to be ";SoundFlower2"; and then this same as the Recording Input in the Audacity Prefs.�� This allowed to make a recording between the two programs, but I could not get to hear the playback realtime.�� I then tried this with VDL sounds fromwithin the program after setting the AUDIO OUTPUT in Kontakt 2 first to be the ";Sound Flower"; option.�� This recorded b ut left the audio about an octave lower.

If you want a hassel-free set up I would look at WireTap Pro.�� It is $19 from Ambrosia software.�� Youll be up and recording in about 5 minutes.�� I will keep checking on this and see if there is a setting I am missing.
If it's really that simple and a good quality, I'm in. It's only $19.  Thanks for the heads up Coach. 

WireTap Pro is what I use as well, great investment.


Didn't someone say (on this forum) that with the VST plugins, we will be able to make the recordings through Sib 5?
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Didn't someone say (on this forum) that with the VST plugins, we will be able to make the recordings through Sib 5?

Yeah since Sibelius 5 now has native VST hosting it will allow you to make .wav and .mp3 right from within the program.
Hella sweet...
Wire Tap Pro user here as well.  Good program!
Now that Sibelius has included VST/AU hosting, you should be able to ";SAVE AS AUDIO"; from the notation program.  Some still will like to use a program like Audacity or WireTap to create audio files of realtime playback.  I personally think that WireTap is going to be the easiest way (when comparing Audacity and WireTap) to create these files if choosing to do so.

I have often used WireTap to play the audio and record while talking over the file to create notes/commentary over the audio.  Pretty cool stuff
[quote author=Dave Ratliff link=topic=1969.msg9900#msg9900 date=1188957491]
Wire Tap Pro user here as well.�� Good program!
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