Need a good laptop for VDL 2.5

I am looking for a good laptop for Sibelius 5 and VDL2.5. This laptop would be used only for composition and occassional emailing of music to students and staff.

I know that the MacBook Pro is one that Gabe has told me about...but I would really like to stay in PC land for a while longer...mac is scary to me...

My wife found this online: [url][/url]

I would update the hard drive to a 7200rpm (external if I have to)so that the DFD would work more effeciently.

Also as a general question how important is Bus speed in a computer? And lastly is it truly worth the 2k for a Macbook Pro? I am just afraid I will not even be able to set up the program in Mac...I know I had a hard time with VDL1 back in the day...

Thanks guys.

If you're dead set on staying PC you should look at  They build computers specifically for pro audio, recording and music creation.

MacBook Pro, without a doubt.

It's been mentioned before--but with the way OSX works upgrading your RAM to 2gigs pays great dividends on the Mac side of things, and also invest in the highest RPM harddrive you can afford.  There isn't a massive performance/$ grain from going from 2.2GHz to 2.4GHz however.

If price is a concern a custom-build macbook would serve you just as well.  Again, spend money in the upgrades, but you'd still come out in the high teens instead of the twos.

If you'd prefer to stick with a Windows based machine then I would take a look at Dell notebooks. They are reasonably priced and some of the more reliable notebooks on the market. They also have relatively good warranties and customer support. Much better than you'll get from the local Best Buy or Circuit City (I've worked at both ;)).

MacBook Pro is a little on the pricey side but well worth it IMO. Mac makes great products and are well suited for audio applications. There will be a bit of a learning curve in the switch, but nothing insurmountable with a bit of patience. I'd see if you can find an Apple store or friend with a Mac and check it out for a bit, see how you like it.

Oh, and Bus speed is basically the speed at which data can be feed into your CPU. It's relatively important, but there are larger things that would be more important, amount of RAM, speed of hard drive, speed of CPU, etc. It's just a piece of the overall picture of how fast your computer will be. Just like everything else in there, the faster the better.
Most people out there (at least that I have met) that are Mac users either started out as a PC'er, or at least have to use pc at work. After listening to Key Poulan and John Meehan talk about their systems I took the plunge and haven't looked back.
The learning curve for a Mac for me was pretty much like the learning curve going from Finale to Sibelius. There was some discomfort at first but it�� quickly went away and I feel WAY more productive and trust my gear more. It's been 2 years now without a crash (enter virtual knock-on-wood here).
I've owned 2 Gateway's and 2 Dell's and have been more impressed with the Dell. You ought to check them out on their website. You can build yourself a pretty decent setup for a reasonable price.
As far as bus speed I've always heard it's a biggie but I must plead ignorance on that issue, sorry!
I don't want to end up like H&H Music company down here (sued for liable and went bankrupt), so I'm being sure to qualify myself with an ";in my opinion"; for this whole post!
Good luck!!
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