Weird Problem with VDL2.5/Kontakt 2 as Plug-In in Finale 2008

Okay, here is a head scratcher - at least for me.  I have loaded VDL2.5 onto my Mac G5, and I am running it as a plug-in in Finale 2005.  Same set-up on my iMac at home.  On my university computer I am encountering an issue when I go to the Kontakt 2 plug-in through ";Audi Units Setup...";.  What I should see in the left-hand column of the Kontakt 2 browser is the ";Virtual Drumline"; logo with the familiar Tapspace ";splat"; in the background, and at the bottom of that ";logo"; are the ";Intstruments,"; ";Multis,"; and ";Info"; logos.  What I am getting instead is just a box with the unformatted text ";Virtual Drumline 2.5"; - no logo - and more importantly, when I go to the intruments button or pull-down, nothing shows up.  The only way I can load a voice is to go to the ";load"; button at  the top of the main pane in the browser and search for the file I want in the directory.

A few observations:
• This was not happening when I originally loaded the program;
• This is a registered copy;
• I am not getting this problem on my home computer.

So how did I screw this up, and better yet, how do I fix it?  I thought about reinstalling it, but will that create an issue with registration?  Would I have to ";de-install"; and start over?

Yep, that worked.  Thanks!

(And greetings to you, too, Ralph!)
Hi Blake,

Most likely, what it sounds like is that you may have moved the VDL 2.5 library files to a new location, or they may just not be residing in the default location that Kontakt Player 2 is looking for them. To fix this, try this:

-Open your KP2, and where you see the faulty looking VDL 2.5 library box, click the ";info"; button.
-Near the bottom of the Library Info window, you'll see a field marked ";Library Installation Path."; Click the ";choose"; button, and navigate to the exact location that your [b]Virtual Drumline 2.5[/b] folder is living. By default, Macs usually install this at:
Macintosh HD>Applications>Tapspace>Virtual Drumline 2.5, but you can place this library folder anywhere you'd like. Just be sure that KP2 is correctly pointing to it.

Once you've correctly set (or updated) this library installation path, quit KP2, then restart, and you should see the correct artwork and files appearing as expected. If not, please let us know.
Welcome to the forum Dr. Wilkins!!
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