Snares wont play.

Im brand new to all this..So sorry if im an idiot.  Ive got everything set up for the most part, but when i go to play the whole score, only the tenors are basses play. but, when i select snares only, the snares essentially the snares only play by themselves...any idea whats going on?
Welcome FlamTaps. Unfortunately you haven't given us much info, so I can't suggest much at this point. Please check out this topic, and kindly supply some details when you can. With some well-described details, you'll probably find that people will be able to help you find a solution to your technical situation. Thanks.
Exactly, what Jim said.�� From the information that you have given us, it sounds like a Polyphony issue, or maybe the Tenors and Bass Drum volumes are too loud in order to hear the Snares.


We will be able to help you, for sure, if you check that link that Jim provided and tell us about the Notation program that you are using and computer specs you have.

Welcome and Happy Virtual Drumline-izing!
Okay sorry, I'll try to expand that.I'm using Sibelius 4 with VDL2.5.  Ive set up the Kontakt player using the preset multi, entiltled "; Battery Manual LITE,"; as directed by a friend of mine who uses Sibelius with VDL2.  My problem is that when i go to play back a score, (any score), I can only hear the Tenors and Basses. I only have the Kontakt player/score set up for basic battery(Snare Tenor Bass) so I'm not having a problem with pit or anything else yet.  The odd thing is, if i highlight a measure in the snares, and hit play, then the Snare playback works fine.  So essentially, the issue is that Snares won't playback when I play everything as a whole.  I've noticed one issue in the Kontakt player, and thats when the mullti is first loaded.  The Tenor/Bass volume both start at 72, by default, where as the snare volume starts at 0. I thought turning up the snare volume would fix the problem but it didnt. (I assume ";Send"; means volume??) I am using a PC, while 1 gig of ram, and I have the SoundBlaster Audigy 2 sound card. I hope this information cleared things up, and thanks for any help. I'm looking forward to using this product in its full capacity.

Okay guys so i KIND OF fixed the problem. If i highlight all three instruments(snare tenor bass) then everything plays back together, but thats the only way as of now. Is that normal?
Sibelius will only playback the instruments you have selected.  To play back everything, make sure nothing is selected.  This is designed so you can easily hear one or more parts at a time.
when nothing is selected only the bass/tenors play.
I'm not sure if this is it or not, but you don't have that channel muted in Sibelius, do you? Press M to see your mixer in Sibelius (in Sib 4).

That's probably not it, but sometimes I like to post simple solutions to complex problems. My therapist says it helps my self-esteem issues.
The [b]Send[/b] knob on the interface of VDL instruments is an Aux 1 send. This doesn't have anything to do with your volume. You can read more about it in your VDL manual.

The volume slider is the horizontal slider under the LED meters on each instrument. However, by default this setting is controlled by what you have set in the Sibelius mixer. What value do you have your snare staff set to in the Sibelius mixer?

Also, when you're not hearing the snare voice play, can you confirm that no LEDs are lighting in the Snareline instrument in KP2? If so, you may want to double-check your channel settings. Though that wouldn't explain why you're hearing it with three staves selected as opposed to just the snare staff. Are you sure it's not just a volume issue?
Its not a volume issue, haha.  Nothing lights up under Snareline on the Kontakt player, so i assume sibelius just isnt ";asking"; for the sounds out of VDL2 unless everything is highlighted
When you hit ";Play"; from Sibelius, is the volume slider in the KP2 snareline (the horizontal one) staying in position? What are your channels set to? Does it do the same thing if you set the snareline to a different channel?
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