I have VDL2.5 and Finale 2007.  I use VDL as a standalone.  All of the sudden, in a score for the school I teach at, I went to revise some parts -- but when I am on the tenor staff or bass staff, the MIDI keyboard only plays the snare sounds.  It is driving me nuts.  I reinstalled all programs, but it is still doing the same thing.  If I take the snare instrument out of VDL, then the tenor and bass stuff works fine.  I even checked the channels in VDL to make sure it was all the same and it is.  Please help!

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Hi Jeremy. In the future, please try to create a more specific subject to your problem. You may find people will be more apt to read your question if they have a sense of what's contained within. This is covered in the forum guidelines at:

It sounds like you have KP2 setup to receive MIDI input from your Keyboard rather than from Finale. You didn't mention if you're on a Mac or PC, so I'll assume you're using one of the standard Virtual MIDI Cables to connect Finale to Kontakt Player 2 (like Maple, Midi Yoke, or Apple IAC). This is the device that you should have set as your INPUT in KP2 (all other devices should be set to 'off' here), and as your OUTPUT from Finale. Then in Finale, set the INPUT to your MIDI keyboard to complete the path which only moves in one direction:

[color=Blue][b]MIDI Keyboard ---->Finale MIDI IN ----> Finale MIDI OUT ----> KP2 MIDI IN[/b][/color]

Also, be sure Finale's MIDI Thru is set to ";smart.";
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