Rite of Passage typos

The following is a list of errata that appear in "Rite of Passage" by Jesse Monkman. This list is being derived from the current version of this publication which has a brown cover.

1 - Six and seven measures before rehearsal 5, the left-hand accent pattern is printed incorrectly. The accent pattern should stay the same throughout this section.

2 - In the Marimba part (not the score), after rehearsal 7 the words "poco a poco" accidentally cover the G-natural in the right hand.

3 - Six measures after rehearsal 8, the last left-hand note of the measure should be an A-flat.

4 - Three measures before rehearsal 10, the top note in the right-hand (last note of bar) should be E-flat (not G).

5 - Seven measures after rehearsal 13, the top staff of the marimba part should not switch to treble clef. The 6/16 measure should be played the same as it was four bars after 13.

Our apologies for letting these typos slip through the cracks!

Thank you so much. I am preparing this for my senior recital and I just happened to come online to listen to the piece and read this!

In the sixth measure of rehearsal number 16, the chord is incorrectly labeled as G-minor. The written notes are correct - the chord should be listed as a G Major chord.

Please accept our apologies for the error.

1 before 4 - Beat 1 in the right hand is G and Bb, should it be G and B natural?
5 before 8 - Left hand rhythm is eighth/eighth/quarter/dotted quarter, should it be eighth/eighth rest/quarter/quarter?

I would say that the bar before rehearsal 4 should have the b natural in the right hand. It has the cadence of the Major V before returning to the C minor at rehearsal 4. Although I did not compose this piece so don't take my word for it. That's just what I believe. Wow great eye too at 5 before rehearsal 8! I would totally assume (and I did when I played this) that the left hand would play the same rhythm as the bar before...never saw that one until you mentioned it!
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