Kontakt 3 announced


I'm not sure where the big help is here, other than more samples...  I guess it works with vista, but would someone tell me why it's another $150?
If the new samples are as good as other orchestral or world music libraries, this is a very good deal.  For example, the Symphonic Orchestra Gold library (which is 14 GB) used to sell for $1k, now reduced to $500.  The ";tweakability"; features are good:

[quote]Freely draw customized envelopes directly into the sample waveform to modulate any parameter, with ease and precision. Perfect your sound using the 18 high-quality effects, including new amp and cabinet emulations and a powerful convolution effect.[/quote]

I believe owners of VDL 2 qualify for the $279 crossgrade, or $149 if you have Kontakt 1/2. 
Kontakt 2's included sounds are pretty decent considering that they come with such a good, functional program and that that's not necessarily the reason you might buy the program. I'll be curious to see if the new sounds are a big improvement.

How much would you see a need for K3 if you are already using Sibelius 5 and VDL2.5?
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