OT: Evans White Hybrid Snare Heads

I know about the recall of the Evans Grey Hyrbid Snare Head due to the UV, but this weekend I went through 3 brand new snare heads (White Hybrid) with the heads splitting roughly in the same place (upper right).  Is anyone else having this kind of problem with these particular heads?  I just thought I would check here first before I contact anyone at Evans first.  The heads sound good, but if they are just going to split every weekend, it's not investment for the price.  Let me know what problems people are having with these heads.  Thanks


Call JBC and talk to him about it.  I would imagine he would know what is going on with them...
Right on.  I guess since I'm not at school everday (only have classes three days a week) I forgot to ask him about it. 

No problems with the whites after going through several greys.  I do have one white that has had about a quarter inch hole in it for the past week because someone got clumsy.  The drum still sounds decent, and I am waiting on my retailer to get in his stock (should be today).  Let me know if you find out anything.



Hello!  We put on one White Hybrid about 16 days ago.
It still sounds great and we have had no problems.  We
just received some of the new greys to use.  I'll report in
when we see how those fare.  I am expecting great things.

Take care!
Hello everyone,

On our snare drums we placed the new, grey Hybrid snare top
from Evans.  We've had them on for two weeks with no
problems and they sound phenomenal.  We can hear the snares
so much better within the musical ensemble, some 290
winds this year in the marching band.  The heads produce
a less attack-heavy sound when struck and are fuller in their
overall quality of sound.  We practice in Alabama, outside (from 3:30 - 5:30 p.m.),
and have had no adverse effects from the sunlight or heat.  If anyone
has any questions, they can e-mail me at:


Take care!

What are you using as the bottom head?  I've got the White Hybrid on top, snare side hybrid on the bottom.  They sound good together, but it's not quite the sound I'm looking for.  Is the grey a little warmer.  In my opinion, the white sounds a little choked. 

Hello!  We put the white head on (1 head) and, truth be told,
I did not pay much attention to it as there were bigger
fish to fry here in college band world.  The greys sound
wonderful and I am sorry, but I do not have any input
as it relates to how the white hybrids sound.  We use
the 5 mm snare sides.  We do that not so much
for the sound, which is fine with me, but because they
tend to last longer than the plastic bottoms.  With 11
snares, we try to be mindful of our budget.  Hope the
above-offered info helps.  Get yourself some
grey hybrids and some 5 mm snare sides/bottoms
and let me know what you think.  I think you'll
be quite pleased:-)

Take care!

What type of drums are you putting these on?  If you say MTS Yamaha's, that may be an issue.  I don't use the Evans models but use Remo White Max.  We had an issue when we first bought the drums 2 years ago from the mts actually shredding the bottom of the head.  Upper right or lower left is about the area we would have issue( right along where the mts is).  Just something to look into, Remo had a mylar undercoating solution, perhaps Evans does as well.  Hope this helped some.
I wonder what kind of drums Neil is putting them on as well.  MTS?


We use PEARL FFX 1412

Take care!
Well then, I guess I should say, ";There's your Problem";

Pearl, The Best Reason to play Yamaha

May we Never forget it
The Evans bottoms have the extra ply on the underside that comes out about 2 inches from the hoop (like where the felt goes in their bass drum heads).  I don't know if that would keep the head from shredding as you mentioned.  Of course, I am using Pearl drums also, and have never had the problem you mentioned.

On to the Hybrids...

I have really started to notice the presence and clarity they have with the lower taps compared to the White/Black Max.  This can of course be a bad thing if the taps aren't as clean as you would like.  The reason I mention this is that they don't have that ";mushiness"; you can get from a Black/White Max at the tap heights (especially with younger players).  I still love the Max sound, but I have found that younger players can struggle to get a good tap quality from them.  Not as big a problem with the Hybrids

We are using the 13X11 Yamaha SfZ.  I talked to some people from Evans and it just sounded like a bad batch of heads for my problem. 

We don't have the problem that was caused by the MTS units.  Our problem was a split in the upper right [2:00] that split into a 90 degree split.  The two heads that busted were put on Saturday Morning show day, and blew out Tuesday afternoon.  The were only drummed on a total of 5 hours. 

We ended up getting replacement heads through the dealer so it all worked out.  The Clarity is really good, my snares just sound pinched. 
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