OT: Evans White Hybrid Snare Heads

I know about the recall of the Evans Grey Hyrbid Snare Head due to the UV, but this weekend I went through 3 brand new snare heads (White Hybrid) with the heads splitting roughly in the same place (upper right).  Is anyone else having this kind of problem with these particular heads?  I just thought I would check here first before I contact anyone at Evans first.  The heads sound good, but if they are just going to split every weekend, it's not investment for the price.  Let me know what problems people are having with these heads.  Thanks

I don't think the MTS is a problem. I have tried them out on mine yet my retailers out of stock. But I don't think  that would be the problem. Because if I'm not mistaken the Bluecoats used them this season on their MTSs.
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