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Hey guys, so random question here, and sorry if its in the wrong section... but in my high school days, our line played a cadence called ";Kickin' It Reggae Style";. And the other day, one of the younger players on my line asked if i had the music to it because they heard a recording somewhere and wanted to learn it, I have the snare music, but i was wondering if anyone had the score to it, or even the individual parts... any help or suggestions as to where I could find the music would be a big help, or if u have the parts and would be willing to send them that would rock also... thanks in advance!
If you have the music, it probably says who wrote it.  Google the name and maybe you'll get some contact info. 
I wrote Kickin' It Reggae Style.... :)  It's now available on Scott Johnson's website.

The recording on the site is killer....because I used Virtual Drumline 2!!!!

(Just wanted to plug tapspace if I was plugging another website.... HA! :) )
finally!! lol... mann i have been searching for this file for ages!! i got the score my freshman year of HS and learned it with that line, and we were lookin for a new lot jam for our line this past season  (i am now a sophomore in college so its been a while) and i remembered playing this way back when and wanted to bring it back... i friggin love the funkiness in this beat... awesome job on this...  once i get some extra cash, ima head back to that site and drop the cash to get it.. thanks alot! :-)
That's too funny....

I wrote it while at UNT, a friend of mine when to BYU it Utah where they played it. the center snare there is a computer guy and posted it on the school drumline website for the guys in the line to download, this was in the earlier days of the internet....and now every once in a while someone like yourself finds me and tells me a story like this one.

There is a ";second"; funky cadence that I wrote after that one called ";Nick's Funky Feet";, also on Scott's site. Groovy and a little more ";beef";.... hope your lines' feet are in order if you try that one. Not as evil as some of the SCV stuff, but sadistic enough for H.S. kids.
yea... well i am glad i finally found u... its weird though cuz my copy says the composer michael Rohlik (sp?) i am not sure if i got that name right... but i think thats what it said, i would check but my snare copy is at school and i am at home lol...

and i will definitely check out this other cadence... have you written anything else since then? i would love to hear!
Rohlik.... too funny. My step-father's name. Shows you how long ago I wrote it. My old drum corps buddies call me ";the artist formerly known as 'roll-lick'....";

I'm still listed on the BD Alumni page as Rohlik too. Guess I need to fix that.
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