Registering problem

So I have had VDL 2.5 for about two months now, I registered it and used it to write some parts for a friend of mine.  I haven't used it in a few weeks and when I got down here to school and turned it on to use it it says that I am not registered to use the sounds and go to the service center.  Ok, did that and it won't let me get my password from them even with my serial number and everything.  I need to use this to write parts for my college line and am really getting a little POed that it's not working right now, any help would be appreciated.
same thing happened to me... supposedly its a problem with NI and their stupid service center thing... ever since i got programs and libraries that started using that thing its gotten all screwy... BOO!!
Although someone on this forum may have encountered this problem and can chime in with the quick fix, I would suggest calling NI support.  They're pretty accommodating with most issues, and if you're on a time constraint will probably be your best bet.
Hey guys, thanks for the responses.  I got it to work, just needed to update my Kontakt Player.  It works great now!
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