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Well, a riend of mine just sent me a recording of one of the cadences he was writing and i noticed his  bass drums sounds ALOT stronger, and better, than mine do.  He pointed out that in the recording I sent him, it almost sounded like my tenors andb asses were using puffies. I dont think that's the case but, my basses and tenors still sound really weak.  Its not a volume issue either, just when i write in split bass parts it really just sounds like each single bass drum is hit really lightly, even when I accent it. Any help on how to change this would be great :)
As your friend pointed out, you may have accidentally triggered the puffy keyswitch from your basses, so you should check that. Also, remember that VDL instruments are [b][i]velocity based.[/i][/b] Parts written at higher velocities, will trigger louder recorded playing strokes. The quickest way to adjust this is by entering in a dynamic marking like F or FF. Beyond that, you can manually control velocity via your notation program's velocity adjustment tools.
I dont know. these bass drum sounds when they are split really just don't sound right. I shouldt have to make everything FF to get a decent sound...and even doing that doesnt do much...
Did you accidentally trigger a keyswitch?
I'm not sure what that is, honestly, haha
[quote author=FlamTaps link=topic=2003.msg10156#msg10156 date=1190265673]
I'm not sure what that is, honestly, haha

A keyswitch activates an entirely different set of sounds when it is pressed.  If you refer to your VDL manual you'll see several instrument keymaps have highlighted keys at the very lowest notes of the keyboard--those are keyswitch notes. 

It's very common to be ";poking around"; for certain sounds and accidentally press a keyswitch note.  They don't make any corresponding sounds when pressed, and there's no visual indicator that a keyswitch has occurred.  Also, the keyswitch will stay active for that session of VDL (think of it as kind of a switch you press on or off) so what Jim's suggesting is maybe you pressed the keyswitch to puffies on the bassline keymap and that's why you're getting the soft puffy sounds.
Is this in Finale?  Maybe the Kontakt Player is resetting to a quiet dynamic.  I have a post that kind of goes over this issue from previous.  Try this:

1.  First thing you will want to do is go to the Kontakt Player 2 window where you have the VDL sounds loaded
2.  Click on the gear icon for the Rack Combo/instrument that you want to edit
3.  Click the Controller Tab
4. Where it says Accept Standard Controller for Volume and Pan, uncheck this.  This will allow you to use the Volume Slider for each instrument that is on the top right and it will not reset when you press play.
Let's start with some your systems specs first.

-Notation software (Finale or Sibelius?)
-VDL 1, 2, or 2.5?
-Do the bass drums sound strange to you at all velocities, or just the softer to medium ones?

If you at least list some more specifics we might be able to better assess your problem.

Can we start by hearing a recording?  After that, how about the simplest answer -- is the volume in the notation mixer adjusted?
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