VDL2.5/Finale2008/MacPro Intel -- KontaktPlayer2 Freezin

After a hard disk repair issue, I am having trouble with VDL 2.5 in Finale 2008.

When I go to the Audio Unit Setup dialog, and the VDL audio units for my file begin to load, at the end of the loading process a dialog box comes up, but the ONLY thing in the dialog box is the blue button ";YES"; (which is actually a rather funny dialog box).  Of course, clicking on the YES does nothing, because the program (but not the computer) is frozen at that time.  THe Kontakt Player 2 ";loading"; box is still up, and you can't get out of it.

I have checked that everything is where it is supposed to be (after moved to a Previous System folder after an Archive and Install run of the system software: Kontakt2.vst is in the Audio/Plug-Ins/VST folder, and I think all the correct .compenent files are in the KontaktPlayer2.compenent is in the Audio/Components folder.  All the preference files are in the Prefences folder. 

Actually, the Kontakt 2 plug-in is not finding the VDL files, and I have to search the folder manually.  This freeze-up happens after the files begin to load.

What am I missing?

Any thoughts why this might freeze might be going on?

MacPro 3Ghz Dual Intel Xeon
4G Ram
Finale 2008
Mac OSX 10.4.10
Blake - from your description, i'm not sure what might be going on. If you're getting a freeze when Kontakt Player 2 is loading instruments from VDL, I'm wondering if the strange dialog box you're getting has something to do with ";samples not found."; You mentioned having to repair your hard disk recently, so if the VDL library used to be in a different location than it is currently, it's possible that KP2 isn't finding them.

I would start by quitting Finale, then launching Kontakt Player 2 in stand-alone mode. When KP2 is open, does the VDL 2.5 library box (in the left hand column) appear correctly? Do instruments load correctly? Try several different instruments. If there are any problems here, click the ";info"; button on the VDL 2.5 library box, and correct the ";library path"; so that it points to the actual location of your VDL 2.5 library. Once you've done this, restart KP2, and try again to confirm the problems have gone away.

That's step one. Let's start with that, and based on your results should help steer a possible solution for what's causing Finale to lock up.
Hi, Jim.

In response to your suggestions, here's a little more info.�� I had already tried going the stand-alone route, and here are my results�� When I open up Kontakt Player 2, nothing shows up in the library pane, INCLUDING by the way Garritan Instruments for Finale, which is part of the Finale 2008 package.�� If I try to load either Garritan or VDL by searching the folder heirarchy manually through the Load/Save button, I get an error message that says something like ";There was an error trying to acquire the license for this patch.";�� Going through stand-alone mode yields no success.�� ��At any rate, even though I can manually find the Virtual Drum Line folder in the KP2 plug-in mode through Finale, loading it causes the lock-up.�� By comparison, I CAN load audio Garritan audio units through Finale.

I think my best bet is to reinstall, as the program was working fine before.�� This brings up a different issue.�� How do I go about deauthorizing VDL/Kontakt so I can reinstall and authorize again (it is on my university and home computers, and I believe two authorizations is the limit).

Thanks for your help!
Thanks for the extra details Blake.

I think re-installing will be a very good idea. Native Instruments can help you in case the Service Center application doesn't want to allow you to authorize your rebuilt machine. There's a good chance it may produce the same System ID as before, in which case there shouldn't be any problems in running the authorization again.

Keep in mind, you will not see the Garritan Finale library when you're running KP2 in stand-alone mode. That will only appear when you're running it as a plug-in within Finale. VDL 2.5 however [i]should[/i] appear, and since it's not, it tells me that something's probably gone awry with your installation after the hardware problems you were encountering.

In the event you run into any authorization problems, you'll have to address that with Native Instruments registration support.

Hang in there, and please keep us posted on your progress.
I have seen things like this happen on a Migration from one Mac to another or migrating from a backup drive to your new HD.  I don't think you would have to worry about the Knotakt2.vst as Finale wouldn't use that anyway.  A good test would be to just open a New -->Default Doc when you get everything installed again.  Then go right to Audio Units Setup and see if everything is there and showing correctly.
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