Xylophone keeps reverting to Left Side in Kontakt 2

I noticed that my xylophone in Kontakt 2 was panned all the way to the left, so I panned it to the center.  When i play my piece through finale 2006 it reverts back to the left.  When I look back at kontakt 2, it has also reset itself to the left.  Anyone encounter this before?
My guess is that somehow, in Finale, your pan settings have been set to the left. Try centering the pan for your Xylo track in Finale, then your Kontakt 2 should reflect this message.
That was it.  Thanks Jim

For Future Reference:  When the Kontakt Player is resetting this, it also has to do with the ACCEPT STANDARD CONTROLLERS FOR VOLUME AND PAN that is accessable when you click the Gear icon on the voice that is loaded and then click the Controller Tab. 
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