Kontakt Player 2 not an option as Native Instrument

I've got the finale template working now, but the next step in the process tells me to set the MIDI to play through Native Instruments, but when I do that the following message appears: Missing requested plugin: Native Instruments: Kontakt Player 2 for bank #1.

I just recently upgraded to Finale 2006d, and I have installed VDL 2.5 around 5 times (both with the easy install, and the custom install).  What I am wondering is if this is a problem with Finale or VDL?

Nick - I'm not certain about this, but I think I remember hearing somewhere that Finale 2006 has some problems with Kontakt Player 2. They added direct support for KP2 from Finale 2007 onward, so I know that's good. It should work, but this might be a question best directed to the folks at Finale.

From a post in the testing forum, KP2 is designed to work with FIN07 and later. This was something I discovered in developing the templates for VDL2.5. Sorry for the bad news Nick. BTW, FIN08 is more stable than either 06 or 08. There were three updates to 07 and 4 updates to 06.

Ted Boliske
Thanks for the clarification Ted.

So what this would mean for Finale 2006 folks is to either update to the latest version of Finale (recommended), or use VDL 2.5 in Kontakt Player 2 in stand-alone mode. To do this, you would follow the instructions (in your ";VDL 2.5 getting started guide";) for setup in Finale 2004-05. Be sure to [u]uncheck[/u] the [i]Play Finale through Native Instruments[/i] option if using the stand-alone method.
Just for Clarification on this.�� This will not work on Macintosh.�� You could use this as a plugin inside Finale on a PC.�� But Jim is right in saying that it would need to be run in Standalone Mode for Macintosh 2006.
Well that's a bummer, but I guess it is time to upgrade to '08 anyhow.  Thank you again. 

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