OT - A New Fresh Approach to Rudimentary Snare Drumming


";Sometimes I like to be a sleeping bag monster.";

Jim, where's the keyswitch for the double traditional shuffle technique? :-)
";I like my rolls with apple butter, but that's for another day.";
This is classic!
It's like I'm seeing for the first time.
awesome!!!...Thanks for sharing...(i'm still laughing...)

- OT
If only that Mister D*ldo comment wasn't in there, I can forward it to my high school students...

Sleeping Bag Monster. I knew that had a name...
Wow...... astonishing!
Awesome!  YouTube is so educational.
WOW.  Amazing...
";Playing drums is all about having fun.";  Aha!  At least that's something we can agree on.  This tape is out there.
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