Jim Casella, your sounds are incredible, so help me

I guess this is for Jim, but anyone can respond.  My bass and tenor, but mostly bass sounds are pretty horrible, and I've been doing everything I can to fix it, so Im just gonna ask straight up.  What are your settings? (send, eq, length,and anything for that matter) because im really fed up getting sounds from my bass drums that sound like im hitting right near the rim of that drum..thanks in advance guys
Instead of asking Jim's settings, why don't you give us YOUR settings.  We've all been there so there may be something you have missed or mis-entered.  Be as specific as possible, even if you think you are being too detailed, it's better then not enough.

can you make an mp3 of the sounds?
Yes, a sound would be most helpful.  Or at least your settings...  even a screenshot.  Anything more than ";it's broken fix it";.
Is there any way that I can post a wav file or something on here to show you guys just a sample? I dont really see how
Send me a wav - matchavez@gmail.com
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