Getting VDL 2.5 to work with Finale 2008

Could someone walk me through the process of getting the vdl instruments to show up in Finale 2008 and the Garritan Marching Band? I downloaded the templates. Where do I need to put them? As you can see I'm pretty clueless on anything remotely complicated on the computer. Right now I can't get any of the sounds except for the standard ones that came with the Garritan Marching Band program.
Your help is appreciated.
Windows Vista
3.1 ghz
2 gig ram
Can we assume that you've read the quick-start and have had no luck?  What have you tried thus far?

We can help, but you have to tell us what you've done so we can give you the right instructions...
What are you seeing when you just open Finale and then go to the MIDI/AUDIO MENU -->VST SETUP?  Can you choose KONTAKT PLAYER 2 from the dropdown that is just to the right of Channel 1-16?  If so, click on this and then click on Edit.  This should open the Kontakt Player.  Do you see VDL 2.5 there on the left?
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