OT: One step closer to drum entry

Will Tapspace venture into the hardware market?  One can dream...

Yes, very cool. I've wanted to develop similar products myself, but am greatly lacking in the resources to do so. :P

Apparently Tool's Danny Carrey was involved in developing this. It's good to know that there are some drummers out there, recognizing the holes in drumming technology and doing something about it.

It probabably wouldn't be too difficult to set this up for note entry.
Sounds VERY cool to me!
Maybe we can recreate the band room scene in Drumline where the computer racks up wicked notes going nose to nose...  :P
As long as it doesn't put in those accidentals while he's playing those killer snare beats.......I equally love and hate that movie
You mean it's impossible for a drummer to be flat?  Maybe that flat meant ";flat flams";... ;)
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