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I just started using VDL 2.5 and I am having a problem that probably will be simple to fix with some help.  I loaded battery snares and tenors.  When I push on the keyboard in kontakt 2, the snare plays fine.  How do I switch over so the tenors sound?  I am not sure how to do this.

Welcome to the Tapspace Forum, and trust me you are going to ejnoy using VDL2.5... In order to make the tenors sound within the KP2 you must select them... just click on the specific box, since you are trying to make the tenors sound, click in the tenor box/window... anymore questions feel free to ask or e-mail me... for morer specific instructions or if this does not work, send Coach a line, he knows this stuff and is able to explain it alot easier than i am...

I am trying to make it play when you use the kontakt player by itself.  I don't see any box to check, so the only sound is snare.  I think VDL 2 was easier, but maybe I need more time on this.
Hey I had a hard time figuring that out as well when I first got vdl 2.5....just to give you a target to aim for to insure you select the instrument, I would click on the ";tune"; button that is near the upper right hand corner of the instrument box....if selected properly, the instrument should get highlighted with a yellow square outline. Then you will be able to hear that instrument on the kontakt keyboard.
Sorry I was not able to be more clear... I could have just made it simple and said like Sam did, but I think i was overthinking things as well lol... clicking on the ";tune"; button or any knob such as volume for a particular should ";activate"; that instrument within KP2, after that clicking the keyboard within KP2 should play back whatever instrument you last adjusted... Does this make a little more sense?
Thanks for the help.


It looks like you have your solution, this is more for people who may stumble upon this thread later.

If I want to view a certian patch in Kontakt Player 2, I usually click in the zone I highlighted red. (If you click on a knob, you could inadvertently change something without realizing it and then later be puzzled as to why it doesn't sound right; been there, done that. :) )

Once you have the patch selected you want to look at, it will put a yellow box around it letting you know (like Sam said). Also, the corresponding mapping will change on the keyboard.

Visuals often help me, so here you go:



Great suggestion Hugh! The LED meters are a much bigger target to click on than the background of the interface.
Thanks for your help.


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