Optimizing VDL2.5 / external sample workflow

Hey all,

An original indoor show I'm writing for the upcoming season has really made me revisit my workflow, particularly because it requires a high amount of sampled playback.

I have found that although I'm very efficient at writing pit parts in Sibelius/VDL2.5, when I add sampled playback or recorded material everything grinds to a halt.  For example, because I don't own any modern audio solutions other than Kontakt Player 2.0 I usually end up recording an mp3 of the mallet track with wiretap pro, then dragging that into garage band, and then playing around with what instruments/samples they have available to see if I can get an idea of what the finished product would be like.

This just takes way too long, and minor changes to the notated parts really make things unproductive by having to rip another mp3, insert back in, line it up again, etc. 

I was wondering of the Mac-specific audio solutions out there (Logic, Kontakt, etc.) what would be my best bet for trying to centralize everything?  If there's no cure-all solution what do some of you guys that rely on samples heavily do when composing?  All the back and forth and spending hours of wasted time a session is really starting to get to me.

[quote author=drumcat link=topic=2032.msg10439#msg10439 date=1193157281]

Basically, the word is ";uphuck";.�� It currently violates their license, but fair use makes their legal point rather blurry.�� Google either ";osx86"; or ";uphuck"; and you'll learn more than you ever wanted to know...

Thanks for the tip! I heard that apple was talking to dell for awhile but nothing came out of it.
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