Some great new VDL demos!

It's been far too long since we've posted any new demo recordings, so I'm happy to announce that we've finally added some new content to our demo pages with thanks to the VDL users who've shared them with us. Thank you guys!

[b]Native Echoes
Arr. Robbie Green, sequenced by Bryan Harmsen[/b]
This is a great arrangement of another Tapspace work called ";Rite of Passage"; by Jesse Monkman. Bryan and Robbie have done a great job with using a wide variety of sounds (including bass guitar) from VDL 2.5.

[b]Anthem, Part 1
Arr. Scott Hirsch, Tyson Smith[/b]
Part of this year's production for the Twin Cities Area Independent Percussion Ensemble from Minnesota, this arrangement from Pink Floyd's ";The Wall"; makes generous use of the new VDL 2.5 electric guitar and bass as well as many great textural effects in the colorful writing.

[b]Rosewood Chronicle
by Jesse Mattson[/b]
This is a work in three movements for piano and percussion ensemble. In addition to some really great melodic writing and textural mallet orchestration, the piano and bass guitar parts also come from VDL 2.5.

[b]Uncle Creepy
by Jim Ancona[/b]
This is a preview from a new Tapspace book [i]Up Front Etudes[/i], which will be available next week. Jim states this a, ";my first foray into the happy world of twelve-tone composition."; It may be one of my personal favorites from his new book too. It makes great use of various articulations, rolls, and thumb rolls from VDL's orchestral tambourine, as well as various timpani glissandi and pedaling techniques in the vibraphone.

[b]Wild Asses (Rant in C Minor)
by C. Saint Saëns, arr. Jim Ancona[/b]
Also from [i]Up Front Etudes[/i], this short arrangement from [i]Carnival of the Animals[/i] highlights the conecert snare drum, and 18"; Zildjian Constantinople crash cymbals while also demonstrating extreme range of the marimbas and xylophones from VDL.

[b]Repo Men
by Fred Emory Smith[/b]
This is a mainstream cue written for film, somewhat in the style of a Thomas Newman. While it's not written strictly for percussion, VDL appears a lot here with bell tree, triangle, djembe, marimba, xylophone, and wind chimes.

[b]Westview HS Percussion Feature 2007
arr. Ronnie LaGrone & Eric Swanson, sequenced by Sam Tarrel[/b]
This is a percussion feature for the Westview High School marching band from Beaverton, Oregon. All percussive elements in this demo are being played with sounds from VDL 2.5 straight from Finale 2007 on an Intel iMac.

by Ryan Jones[/b]
Short drumline solo for the East Lyme High School drumline. This was written using only the snareline, tenorline, and bassline sounds from VDL:2 using Sibelius 4 and Kontakt 2.

Thanks again to everyone who's submitted demos, and we'll look forward to receiving more from the talented Virtual Drumline community. Enjoy!!
Excellent! These are great guys!

Isn't it just amazing what you can do with a computer these days?

Great job guys!!!
My cue also contains bowed vibes and vibe effects (gliss. up and down)
Sounded great, Freddie!  Very nice job.
Excellent job.  Lots of color and fresh ideas.  It is worth it to take some time and listen.
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