Finale GPO Kontakt Player and VDL 2.5

I can't get VDL 2.5 to work with Finale 2007 GPO Kontakt Player.  It gives me an error that the patch is created by a newer version of Kontakt Player.  The GPO Kontakt Player that is shipped with Finale 2007 is 2.1.1.....etc and if I try to upgrade from NI's database the upgrade is 2.1.8...etc.   VDL 2.5 is shipped with Kontakt Player 2.3....etc.  What should I do?  Or What Am I Not Doing?????????

I am assuming that you are on a Windows computer.  You will have to place the updated Kontakt Player 2.dll file in the Finale VST folder of your 2007 program.  Please check the following:

1.  Go to C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Kontakt Player 2\VST Plugins

[i]there should be the new updated KontaktPlayer2.dll here that is the 2.2 or 2.3 version. [/i]

2.  Click on it once to highlight it and then type CONTROL-C to copy
3.  Go to the C:\Program Files\Finale 2007\Finale VST
4.  CONTROL-V to past this file here.  Make sure to choose to replace the older one.

Now try restarting Finale and reloading your sounds.
I am having the exact same same trouble. I followed the above directions which is what I figured I needed to do, but my folder only shows Kontact 2 not the newer 2.3  version that  I thought was on VDL 2.5.

I am on PC- Vista 32 bit......I have heard this may be the problem
Finale 2007c
VDL 2.5 -trying
Oxygen8 v2 - also trying new along with the upgrade !

suggestions  ?

FYI when I open the Kontact in stand alone everything loads in just fine.

also - when in Finale I get a red triangle box with a ! when I click it a box opens and reads "; Your system ID has changed or is invalid please use the service center to re-register the library.

ok I got it. I guess when you replace the files you also have to delete or remove the older ones. Finale kept reading the original Kontact version. I am good to go now................well atleast now I can move on to working out this oxegen 8
Great to hear!!  I am glad both of you are up and running.  Let us know if you need any further help.
Oh....  :)  Welcome to the Forums GUYS!!!
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