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Hello everyone. 

I am trying to get different ideas of what some of you might be using in addition.  I am using Sibelius 4 with Kontakt Gold and VDL 2.5.  I am looking for additional improvement in the sounds my woodwinds/brass/strings/etc.  make.  The Garritan collection has been recommended to me.  Any others out there that you like?


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Honestly for the money, the sounds you can get in the Apple Jam Packs are really really good.�� I have never played around with them until they came for free with logic studio, but there's a lot of great samples and software instruments in every library for a fraction of the cost most professional libraries cost.��

With an educational discount you can get them for $79/89 a pack, which is a steal.

If you're really serious about band sounds, you could go for the Vienna or Garritan packs, but at $4500 and $200 respectively they're not worth it as little as I have a need for band sounds.

I looked into this awhile back and I think I came to the conclusion that these can't be used with sibelius. I looked online at the time and never found a way to do this. Anyone make this work?

*Edit: by ";these"; I mean the Jam Packs.
You would export a MIDI file when done writing in Sibelius, then import it into Garage Band and assign sounds and tweak from there.

For the best possible recordings, you shouldn't be using notation software anyways.  There are many posts about this.
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You would export a MIDI file when done writing in Sibelius, then import it into Garage Band and assign sounds and tweak from there.

For the best possible recordings, you shouldn't be using notation software anyways.�� There are many posts about this.

Oh i'm aware of that. I export my midi to Logic and work from there to make high quality recordings, What i'm talking about is the ability to use the jampack sounds WITH sibelius. I don't know of a way that it can be done. Many of the other libraries mentioned can be used with sibelius. Sorry if i wasn't clear :)
It's kinda weird... but I've messed with this in the past because they were the first sounds along with VDL that I had bought. I'm not sure if my terminology is right but I'll try to explain what I've found.

If using the IAC Virtual Midi Cable on a Mac and you have sounds loaded in Garage Band and you're running Sibelius, whatever track you have selected in GB will sound with it's relative Virtual / Software Instrument. If it's one of the GB instruments, it's as if the instrument channel is set to 'omni' meaning it will play all of the staves set to use the IAC VMC with that one instrument.

However... If you have an instrument loaded under the kontakt player in GB and have set the channel in the kontakt player instance, only respective tracks when selected will play. Example: Snare loaded in track 1 channel 1, tenor in track 2 channel 2, and bass in track 3 channel 3 in Kontakt player (GB)... Snare, tenor and bass are channels 1, 2, and 3 respectively in Sibelius... if snares are selected in GB, only snares will sound when playing the score. Same when tenors or bass is selected in GB.

Sadly, this is the conclusion I came to... you can't select multiple tracks in GB therefore you can't hear multiple software instruments at once. You also can't set GBs own instruments to specific channels... therefore you can only use one instrument... So, as far as I know it's not worth it.

After thought: If you were to load multiple instruments under one track in GB... set the channels right and use the IAC VMC, and you could probably use VDL from that... then again it would be completely useless and even more absurd than any other situation I could imagine (Just load it in standalone). The only reason I could see doing this is if you really wanted to use some of the effects available with GB.

You may be able to use Logic Express as a host much like Kontakt Player... Doesn't work with GB though.

This is probably more information than you ever wanted, but I thought I would throw this out there... Peace...
Thanks for the input Tuo!
    I tried this as well a couple years ago and it was very frustrating. A similar thing happends in Logic Express when you try to export the sounds over there. Perhaps someone with a much better knowlendge of the Enverioment can figure out a way to do it.

    Some people have gone to logic to do everything, and I may go that way at some point, but for now I really like Sibelius :)
If only they allowed you to select multiple tracks and set software track channels it would work. Maybe a recommendation to send to apple?
You could try using Sound Flower to route your Garage Band channels to Sibelius. I don't know how well it works though. This was/is an option for getting GB/Logic soft synths to Digital Performer. Also, if you check the Finale Forums for Mac there was/are some old posts on how to set up Finale to playback the Logic soft synths. The process should be similar.

Ted Boliske
I've used Sound Flower in an Audio class before... it may work, but without having the ability to set the channels on GB software tracks, this may not be feasible. Should be doable with Logic Express though... I'll see what I can do and send some more feedback! Peace...
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