Recording issues with new computer

I have recently purchased a new computer, an absolutely beastly quadcore PC. I absolutely love this computer, but it is giving me a somewhat significant problem. I am currently using Finale 2006, and on my old computer, I used Audacity's ";What U Hear"; setting to record my audio from VDL. On my new computer, Audacity's input selector is greyed out. I checked the Audacity website, and it said that the problem had to do with my soundcard. I installed the latest drivers I could find, but nothing has so far worked. I'm wondering if maybe someone knows a good alternative to Audacity for making cheap, decent recordings with my current setup. Thanks in advance for your reply!
Your problem may not be Audacity, but your soundcard. What kind of soundcard does this beastly machine have in it, and what kind of drivers is it using (ASIO, MME, DS)? Without that in place, I'm not sure you'll have much luck with any recording applications. It doesn't get much cheaper than Audacity (free).
Thanks for the quick reply! I realize that the soundcard may be my problem, but I was hoping that a different piece of software might be more compatible with what I have. I would tell you what my soundcard is, except I'm not exactly certain on how I would check that. If neccesary, I'll purchase a new soundcard, but whatever I have right now is performing all but this one task quite admirably, and it seems a shame to replace an otherwise perfectly good soundcard. I'm using the DirectSound interface in VDL2, if that helps. Thanks again!
I'm assuming you have Vista (which i have not messed with yet) but on XP, you could just go to Start>Control Panel>Sounds  or Start>Control Panel>System and click on the device manager tab.

Oh yea, when you get to the control panel, there is a link on the left hand side of the window that let's you toggle between the ";classic view"; and the over simplified XP view for the control panel.  So if you don't see ";sounds"; or ";system";, click that link.

This should tell you want sound card/drivers you have.
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