OT: Mounting a doumbek

Hello,  I am looking for some advice on which hardware is best for mounting a doumbek on a rack or mallet instrument.

In the past, I've had a lot of success using Remo's small djembe mount.  It is a curved shield-like plate, with straps that attach the doumbek or djembe.  The angle was also fully adjustable so that the drums could be mounted either vertically or horizontally.  Unfortunately, these are not made by Remo domestically, they are made by a company in Asia and sold by Remo, so unfortunately they go through long dry spells of several months at a time where they don't have these in stock, which is the problem right now.

I am trying to find a suitable alternative, but its very hard to find something that looks like is suited to being mounted on a rack or mallet instrument.  One thing I have seen on the internet is the Meinl doumbek stand, which can be found here:


But it doesn't look nearly as solid and sturdy as the Remo stands... has anyone had any experience with these, or a suitable alternative that you can recommend?

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For some reason I always reach for tools when I come into situations like these, but have you considered something like cutting PVC pipe to a short thickness (maybe 3";), drilling holes to mount it to a support bar, lining the pipe with weather stripping or some other foam padding, and just letting the drum sit down in the pipe opening? 

Kind of a low-fi ";pringles cans for stick bags"; approach, but would get the job done cheap.
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