No Bells/Crotales VDL 2.5 & Sibelius 5

Everytime I put in a bells or crotales part in a score I get an error that says ";File not found.  Check if library is installed correctly";.  I dont know how to check that or how to fix it.  N/e one know what to do in this situation?
Upgrade to version 5.1 of Sibelius and it should be fixed.
I had a problem with this in version 5 as well and after many emails back and forth we realized the problem was, as funny as it may sound, the ";&"; in the virtual drumline 2.5 folder ";glockenspiel & crotales."; The soundset that came with version 5 of Sibelius wouldn't register that, so I had a ";Test"; soundset and had to change the ";&"; to ";and"; for a while until the 5.1 update came out.
Hope this helps.
thanks!  All fixed now.

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