VD1 Sibelius 4/Reason 3 help!!!

Hey, as of today I started having a weird and new problem...I've been using Sib 4.1.5 with Reason 3.0 and VD1 for almost a year now but today I heard a weird out-of-tune sound on playback...  (this actually happened once before, I got frustrated and did a HD format, and didn't have the issue. ) 
This time however, I've realized what is going on but don't know how to fix it.  When I get the out-of-tune playback...I can see the individual PITCH WHEELS jumping around on the Reason NN-XT's. 
...So I click over...and reset them with the mouse.  Then when I head back to Sibelius, the wheels jump back. 
I'm using a full score of winds and battery and it doesn't effect all the instruments all the time...so the out-of-tune was simply a few instruments being bent by the pitch wheel way out-of-tune.

I haven't done ANY midi changes in my score and have tried without Live Playback on...like the Sibelius guy told me to.  I've also tried starting a new Reson file, and get the jumpy wheel also.  I've tried to reset my MIDI keyboard (Radium 61) by holding MIDI/Select while turning it on...nothing different.

I thought that on Reason, you had to have the MIDI icon selected to control the unit with your MIDI Keyboard...but I have none of these checked and my keyboard still controls the pitch wheel that's moving.  Hmmm?

I'm betting VDL2 would fix all this...but I'm still too broke.

Any Ideas?
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So you're saying you're having the problem even without the soundfont?  Have you tried the midi panic choices?
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