slightly OT: Sib 5 upgrade / lost Sib 4 CD

Hey all,

      I have sent my query to Sibelius, but I thought I may get a faster answer here :)  I am a 100% legit Sib. 4 user (swear on my 90mhz pentium 1's grave) but I lost my CD when I got married and moved apartments. According to the sibelius  site, I will just need my product key to buy the Sib. 5 upgrade (which I have) So my question is, do you need to have sib. 4 installed to use the upgrade to 5, or does it come with a regular sib 5 CD for my installation pleasure?

The reason why I ask is because I would like the security of knowing I can reformat my HD, or buy a new computer and still be able to instal Sib. 5.

You don't need Sib 4 installed to install the upgrade. It asks you when you install if there is a previous copy- just press no, and you'll only need your Sib 4 registration key. Have fun with Sib 5!

Thanks Matt!

  My best friend in the world went to MTSU! He's graduating next month as an aeronautical engineer. .  But he was in the line for a couple years. Perhaps Cymbols or Bass drums. Name is Tom Burgess.

Anyhow, i'm way OT now :)  Thanks for the tip.
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