I'm in the market for a new hat. Any plans for selling VDL2 hats at Pasic? :)
Hey Charlie,

Good to meet you today as well.  Always nice to put a face with the name.

As far as I know, and I'm sure Jim will correct me, the only way to upgrade from 2.0 to 2.5 is to do it online.  We didn't bring any copies of 2.5 with us to the show.
Charlie - the VDL 2.5's must all be accounted for in the database in the Tapspace bat cave in Portland, OR. So unfortunately we're not able to offer these at the show and it'd be best for you to just submit it online.
OK thanks guys! See you around.

By the way, the Emmanuel Sejourne was AMAZING! It was refreshing to see such musicality and delicacy on the mallet instruments :)
[quote author=perpetualpoet link=topic=2064.msg10574#msg10574 date=1193969403]
Nice to meet you today Bill! Thanks for the hat!!! I think i'll sport it tomorrow.

Whoa! Hat? Did I miss something today? I'll be by tomorrow to buy a hat for sure!

And, ditto, nice to meet you Bill and, Jim, to see you again.
Eric!  I didn't know you were here...wish I could have seen you man!
Which is why we need to organize a cocktail hour or dinner for the Tapspacers at PASIC.

Austin 08' anyone? :)
That would be really cool. If someone wants to organize a happy hour for the Tapspace community next year's PASIC, I'd certainly plan on being there.

This year's PASIC was a great success for Tapspace. We had an all-star cast working the booth with Gabe Cobas, John McFarland, and Bill Castillo, and it was good to see many familiar faces. VDL made a great showing with prominent placement in the [b]Bluecoats[/b] outstanding presentation with [b]Mike McIntosh and Tom Rarick[/b], as well as in [b]Gary Rudolph and Jim Bailey's session[/b], ";Beyond the Metronome."; It was also a great honor to share the stage during a Thursday session alongside [b]Thom Hannum[/b] and [b]Paul Rennick[/b] while demonstrating our various writing styles with Virtual Drumline and the beta template for Sibelus 5.1.

With the PASIC flurry in full effect, we haven't yet had the chance to get a few of our latest pieces on the website. Bela Fleck's [b]";Big Country";[/b] is a great arrangement by Olin Johannessen, and is already proving to be a popular item from the response we received, and John McFarland's [b]";Synergetic Simpatico";[/b] is also being received with a lot of enthusiasm. Keep an eye on the website for two new Brian Perez pieces, [b]";Fast Things";[/b] and [b]";Latin Lover Grande";[/b] very soon.

We also announced the upcoming release of [b]";Let it Rip";[/b] which is a DVD project by Danny Raymond - an absolutely phenomenal rudimental drummer. In addition, we announced the upcoming release of [b]";Grooves do Brasil,";[/b] a book focusing on Brazilian drumset grooves by well-known drumset artist from Sao Paulo, Duda Moura. Look for these titles to become available soon.

Lastly, we're honored to be offering Curt Moore's DVD - [b]";Afro-Cuban Drumset: Grooves You Can Use.";[/b] Curt is a good friend of ours and is an outstanding musician and teacher.�� The DVD is very well-produced and comes highly recommended. I'll post a link here on the forum once it's been added to the webstore for anyone who's interested.

We're excited about our growth here at Tapspace, and we attribute much of that to the support and enthusiasm we receive from all of you. Thank you for helping us do what we love to do, and for continually spreading the good word about Tapspace!
Holy Crap.  You guys have an arrangement of Big Country?  Get that up in the store NOW! I must own it!  Big Country is my all-time favorite Bela chart and I'd love to cram it down my ensemble's throat.  Err, I mean, have them play it.  :)


Glad to hear it! Indeed, ";Big Country"; is a catchy one! It should be live on the website later in the day today, so keep your eyes peeled for that one, and others to follow soon.
Just so you all know, Big Country was availible in the store by at least 4 pm today. 

Mine is ordered and on the way to me.
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