I'm in the market for a new hat. Any plans for selling VDL2 hats at Pasic? :)
HAHAHAHA yea, i'll get right on that  :)
As computer saavy as all you guys are, do a live webcast for those of us with kids too young and a wife that says no:)
Woohoo! Tapspace unite :)
[quote author=erath link=topic=2064.msg10531#msg10531 date=1193830233]
Anyone up for a Tapspace Forum dinner?

I'm down!  I'll be working the Sibelius/Tapspace booth.  Stop by and say hello!

That would be pretty awesome, although pehaps difficult if many of the members are going with a group of somekind. I'm down though.
Anyone up for a Tapspace Forum dinner?

I";m stoked :)
Charlie - be sure to swing by the Tapspace booth at PASIC. There's a hat with your name on it! :)
I just saw that Alan Abel and Weckl's clinics are at the same time....DRAT!  Cursed scheduling! :)

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